About Us

poky-entrance-frontPoky Feeders is one of the largest commercial feedlots in the state of Kansas. We have the experience to identify and manage the aspects of animal profitability. We also have the administrative strength and marketing position to help cattle feeders make the most of their investment.

Poky Feeders provides custom finishing for cattle producers and investors. We convert feeder cattle into finished beef cattle that satisfy the demands of any meat packer. To do this profitably, the cattle must have a fast and consistent rate of gain.

  • Poky Feeders yard capacity is 80,000 head
  • Our location and soil type lend to dryer pens year round
  • Corn prices can be locked in
  • Our pen sizes vary to fit your needs, 60 to 250 head
  • Your cattle are not co-mingled with other customer’s cattle
  • We ca finance your cattle and feed at a very competitive rate
  • We use an independent consulting nutritionist and veterinarian
  • We offer risk management consultation
  • We can assist in transporting your cattle into the feedyard
  • Open door policy – you are always welcome to see your cattle
  • We can obtain carcass data
  • We receive cattle 7 days a week
  • Customer service you want and deserve
  • We will work with you on a health management program before the cattle reach the yard
  • Long term personnel
  • Cost analysis and break even projections done on request