Custom Cattle Feeding


If you are interested in cattle feeding please give us a call. Cattle feeding is our core business and we try to do the best job everyday seven days a week. To get the best performance and give you the best opportunity for profit it takes commitment every day. We do that at Poky.

Poky Feeders has administrative and marketing advantages that put you in a good position.

Accounting Procedures

Our computer programs offer investors financial analysis and sales projections in a multitude of customized formats, letting you know how many pounds of feed your cattle consumed each day since they have been on feed. The program also estimates the weight of your cattle each day. Our reports have the capacity to factor in things from breed, place of origin, ration mix to entry condition. Poky Feeders invoices on a bi-monthly basis.

Nearby Packers

At your request we’ll keep you up-to-date with projections of finishing dates from the first day your cattle arrive at our feed yard. When that day comes, we’ll have buyers there to see your cattle. All of the major and regional packers are represented at Poky Feeders each week. Our close proximity to the packers brings buyers in when your cattle are at their peach and ready to be marketed, or you have the option to slaughter your cattle through U.S. Premium Beef.


Our consulting nutritionist visits the yard twice a month to sample rations and to make sure the rations are a their optimum quality. The nutritionists are recognized as one of the industry leaders and is constantly comparing ingredient costs to make our ration the best competitive ration possible. Modern equipment including GPS feed systems deliver consistent feed to the bunk in a timely manner.

poky_024Yard Maintenance

The entire yard is thoroughly maintained to reduce stress on the cattle and to provide cost efficient care. The location of the feedyard lends itself to dryer pens year round.


Our staff makes rounds throughout the night to watch after the well-being of the animals. Poky Feeders is committed to maintaining the value of your investment.

Getting Started

You can send your own feeder cattle to Poky Feeders. We can also work with independent buyers who can purchase cattle to fit your needs.

Pen sizes range from 1 to 3 loads of cattle. As a result Poky Feeders can accommodate any size your need. Our yard currently has a capacity of 74,000 head.

Each animal is inspected and processed as it arrives in our yard. If necessary pens are sorted and evaluated based on weight and background.