U.S. Premium Beef

uspbFormed in 1996, U.S. Premium Beef LLC (USPB) is a marketing company which provides U.S. beef producers an opportunity to retain ownership of the beef they produce from the ranch to retail. It is owned by beef producers who produce high quality cattle that will go into value-added beef products which are designed to meet consumers’ demands.

U.S. Premium Beef unitholders and associates market finished beef cattle through National Beef Packing Co., LLC, one of the nation’s largest beef processors. For more than a decade, National Beef has led the market in delivering branded programs, including products such as Black Canyon Premium Reserve, Certified Premium Beef, Black Canyon Angus Beef, NatureSource™ Natural Angus Beef, Naturewell™ Natural Beef, Certified Angus Beef and Certified Hereford Beef. It has a well-deserved international reputation for quality and reliability. National Beef also owns National Carriers, a refrigerated trucking operation.

IMG_0294At Poky market approximately 80 percent of our cattle on the USPB grid. We feel its one of the best grids in the industry and gives our customers the best opportunity to get full value for their finished product.

If you have high quality cattle the grid will really reward you.

For more information please contact the office or visit http://www.uspremiumbeef.com